Athletes HQ® Summer Hitters Club Sign-Up

There is a hitting epidemic sweeping travel baseball & softball. Athletes are training more and more during the winter for their spring & summer seasons. Hours of work and thousands of swings are recorded during the winter months inside of our cages at Athletes HQ®. These dedicated athletes typically come out of the winter training noticeably ahead of their competition. But then something happens. They start slumping. Why does this trend tend to happen to a large majority of hitters every summer? It’s simple. They are NOT getting the repetitions they are used to and so they are losing their ability to repeat their swings, repeat their timing, and so they cannot be consistent at the plate.


The solution?

Athletes HQ® 2021 Summer Hitters Club
8 weeks/24 hours of training throughout June & July

  • 8 hours of large group training with 2 AHQ Professional Hitting Instructors

  • 16 hours of small group training with Jordan Dean (Owner/Former MLB Draft Pick)

  • FREE Rapsodo Hitting Account to track every swing taken in small group sessions

Follow these steps to get your athlete enrolled today

1. When you sign-up for Summer Hitters Club you are selecting your Monday slot. This is your slot on Mondays for the entire summer

Summer Hitters Club Sign-Up Click Here for 11am Mondays

Summer Hitters Club Sign-Up Click Here for 12pm Mondays

2. After checkout you will be emailed the registration link and small group sign-up link within 24 hours.

3. Register your Summer Hitters Club Small Group account so you can begin selecting your Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday time slots for the summer. You will be able to schedule 16 time slots, so that comes out to 2 small group sessions per week.

High Repetition Monday
Monday’s will be used to get players their reps in through various constraint drills, machine challenges, and unique batting practice environments.

Skill Building & In-Season Adjustments – Tues/Wed/Thur
Tuesday, Wednesday and/or Thursday will be the time player’s can address any tweaks or adjustments in their small group session as they work in groups no larger than 4 players with AHQ owner/hitting instructor, Jordan Dean. These sessions will be an hour long as well, but will give the player’s more time to get feedback and more skill specific drill work.

Rapsodo Account
Each hitter in the Summer Hitters Club will also be given an Athletes HQ® Rapsodo Hitting account. In the small group sessions, any time Rapsodo is used they will have all of their swings tracked and logged. Video will be taken during these sessions so they will be able to go back home and watch their swings from that day.

Athletes HQ® has never offered such an in-depth hitters club. Our Summer Hitters Club has sold out the last two years and we anticipate this one to do the same. We will only be taking 24 athletes (2 groups). Professional hitters and college hitters take batting practice every day and are constantly working on getting better.


Why shouldn’t your athlete do the same?