Hitters Clubs

  • Athletes HQ® Hitters Club is our most popular development program for hitters

  • Hitters Club sessions are all 1-hour in length and group sizes are limited to ensure an effective player to instructor ratio


  • Hitters Club is offered multiple times a week throughout each month so that athletes have more opportunities to develop their skills


  • Both baseball & softball players participate in a competitive group evironment with our professional AHQ staff


  • Hitters Club sessions will focus on fundamental mechanics, increasing bat speed, hand path & bat path, core strength & speed, approach, and much more.

Youth Hitters Club

The youth club is perfect for athletes 8-12 years old who want to take their development to the next level.

New athletes looking to join the Youth Hitters Club must go through a Youth Evaluation session with our AHQ staff prior to signing up. Email Jordan@AthletesHeadquarters.com to request an evaluation into the Youth Hitters Club.

Advanced Hitters Club

Athletes HQ® Advanced Hitters Club is based on recommendation from our Athletes HQ professional staff.​ Athletes who are 13-18 years old are eligible for the Advanced Hitters Club.

Any new athletes or any athlete younger than 13 that wants to join the Advanced Club must set up an Advanced Evaluation session with AHQ staff prior to signing up.

Elite Hitters Club

Athletes HQ® Elite Hitters Club is invite only.


Athletes who are part of the Elite Hitters Club have demonstrated a commitment level that is required to reach and compete at the collegiate and professional level of both baseball & softball.

There is no sign-up for the Elite Hitters Club. Athletes will be reached out to on an individual basis for Elite Hitters Club enrollment.