Athletes HQ's Evaluation Process

Athletes HQ® will be using a new evaluation process that will give each athlete an individualized program tailored to their strengths and weaknesses.

The eval will consist of the following:

- OnBaseU Physical Screening

- Video Analysis

-K-Motion 3D body and swing analyzer

More Info On AHQ Evals

Athletes HQ® Travel Baseball & Softball players will all receive an intro eval and exit eval as well as an individualized training program based on their results during their off-season training


Player Development Clubs

Athletes HQ® Player Development Clubs are the our most popular program offered.


Athletes work with our AHQ instructors alongside other committed players in a competitive group environment.

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Athletes HQ® offers private lessons for individual and small groups in all aspects of baseball & softball.

AHQ's staff is comprised of current and former professional players and coaches.

Lesson packs can be used universally for any lesson offering

Hitting - Infield - Catching - Throwing - Pitching

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Cage Membership and Rentals

Athletes HQ® cage memberships allow athletes to rent our machine cages to continue what they've learned in our other training programs.

Cages come with an automatic baseball pitching machine, REAL baseballs & softballs, tee and LScreen.